Dog training Services and Prices

Training Consultation:
Private training session:
Training walk
$60 per dog

Urban adventure with Trainer (solo)
Urban adventure with staff (solo)
Group Urban adventure (staff only, not trainers)

You have a friend program Private Training session
$95 per session
You have a friend group hike
$15 per dog

Playgroups- includes pick up and drop off

Private Gym rental 30 min(per dog)
Private Gym rental 60 min( per dog)

Group classes:
$145 (4 weeks)
$185 (6 weeks)

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Canine Good Citizen/ Intermediate Manners:

This class is geared for dogs who have passed Beginners manners and know the basic cues of sit, down, stay, and have recall.  This class will focus on adding distance, duration and difficulty to the basics.  You and your pup will also learn polite greetings and focus on skills necessary for all urban dogs.  After the class, participants will have the option to test for their Canine Good Citizen through AKC.

Doggy Parkour:

This class covers the basics of teaching our dogs to use their bodies to move in space and their environments.  Our agility equipment will be set up and dogs will be taught to use the equipment.  Dogs will be taught skills that you can take on the road with you like putting two paws up on an item or jumping up on various items in the environment.  A great way to have fun with your pet while helping them get the exercise they need!

Open Gym:

Open gym is for established clients with social dogs. We restrict the number of dogs on the gym floor at one time, so it is advisable to reserve your spot in advance, however walk ins are welcome too! All dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations and have had either a gym session or worked with our trainer.  Note: this is not appropriate for reactive or very shy/nervous dogs.

Patios, Parks and Parties:

One of our most popular classes!  This class is designed to help your urban canine feel more at ease in outdoor environments.  We all want to take our dogs to local patios, parks or even backyard barbecues, but we also want our dogs to feel relaxed and confident.  In this class, owners will learn how to read their dogs body language, tips and tricks to help your dog feel more at ease and games to play with your dog when in crowded environments!  The first half  of classes will meet at Canine Einstein, the last half of the classes will visit local parks and patios so you can practice your skills on the road!

Puppy Basics:

Designed for puppies under 6 months of age.  This class will cover all the basic cues you need your new puppy to learn!  We will set the groundwork for intermediate manners (Canine Good Citizen class) and will cover topics like enrichment, loose leash walking and polite greetings.  Each class will include time for the puppies to explore new experiences and to socialize with each other!

Puppy Playgroups:

Dogs under 1 year old are invited to join us for supervised puppy playgroups.  Dogs are introduced slowly and at their own pace to minimize stress and anxiety.  Our trained staff supervise the playgroup closely, taking steps to help dogs take breaks and learn appropriate play- in our enrichment gym!

Understanding your Dogs Body Language:

This class is ideal for new dog owners, and for owners of newly adopted pups!  Dogs use body language to communicate with us and other dogs.  Their communication is complex and often subtle, unless you know what to look for!  This class will cover not only the basics of body language, but also more subtle cues that your dog is giving you!  After all, if we understand what our dogs are telling us, we can be more effective at the two way conversations that we are in with them!

Urban Adventures:

Urban Adventure Decompression Walks are the perfect way to help meet your dogs natural desire to run, jump, sniff,explore and be a dog!  Whether a group or solo adventure, all dogs are taken out of the city and into nature to experience the benefits of an extended walk in nature.  Shown to reduce anxiety, stress and to improve confidence!

You Have a Friend: Reactive Dog Class

This class is designed to help reactive dogs learn to overcome the fear and emotional reactions to other dogs being in their bubble.  The class is kept small (maximum of 4 dogs) to allow space between the dogs.  Dogs and guardians will learn how to incorporate games, advocacy and counter conditioning to reduce reactivity.  After graduation, dogs will be invited to our monthly group hikes for reactive dogs!  Please note, that dogs who have experienced aggression with other dogs will need to be evaluated prior to coming to class.

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