Dog training Services and Prices

Training Consultation:
Private training session:
Training walk
$60 per dog

Urban adventure with Trainer (solo)
Urban adventure with staff (solo)
Group Urban adventure (staff only, not trainers)

You have a friend program Private Training session
$95 per session
You have a friend group hike
$15 per dog

Playgroups- includes pick up and drop off

Private Gym rental 30 min(per dog)
Private Gym rental 60 min( per dog)

Group classes:
$145 (4 weeks)
$185 (6 weeks)

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Our Mission

is 100% on helping pet guardians provide their pets with the best possible life.

Canine Einstein is the only gym in Milwaukee with a focus on enrichment that is available for private rentals, and we offer supervised socialization playgroups for dogs of all ages. We also offer personalized programming for clients.